Castagneyrol Bastien

Castagneyrol Bastien

Castagneyrol Bastien


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My research interest

I am an ecologist ± entomologist with broad interest in plant-insect interactions. I am patricularly interested in how tree diversity affects herbivore ability to find, reach and consume their host trees. My research combines observational and experimental approaches in the field and in the lab, as well as meta-analyses.


The 'Tree bodyguards' citizen science project

I am coordinating a citizen science project involving scientists and school children at European scale. Together, we are investigating the effect of climate on the bottom-up (tree chemical defenses) and top-down (predation) forces controlling insect herbivory on oak trees. 

Learn more about the project on its website ( You can see videos, listen to talks, and even download a comic book about the project!

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Publication record

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Voir aussi

Learn about the Tree bodyguards citizen science project with this video.

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